Happy Mama, Happy Baby

There is actual science that proves our happiness matters in the upbringing of our children which can cause lasting effects. And a mothers happiness is truly crucial for her children. Your children, even newborns are influenced by your mood. Your behaviour, moods and parenting style has an impact on your child’s temperament, character and development. In other words, it’s not just genetics that influences a child’s promising personality. Babies, imitate their parent’s emotions, which affects neural pathways in their brains. We technically wire our children to be at risk of smiling or frowning more. They are simply learning it all from us. One bad day is not going to cause your baby to grow up filled with negativity but long-term influences can cause a lasting effect. This is why self-awareness, self-care, taking time off, relaxation, mood-boosting activities and asking for help are just a few things you can do in becoming the best and happiest mother for your child.

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